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Our Services

Providing services to our small, medium, and enterprise size customers we take great pride in delivering the same satisfaction to all.

We provide our customers with a sense of business assurance, knowing that their valuable data is in the best hands possible.

Data Storage

No portion of the IT infrastructure is more important to information efficiency than data storage. The data volume that companies must manage is increasing exponentially, making the need to optimize storage environments critical to the operational and financial health of the organization.

Information has become the most important and critical of business in today’s economy. This is why company’s data storage approach should reflect the importance of that information. By taking a strategic, comprehensive and consistent approach to data storage, you can increase access to information and streamline its management, while enabling the scalability to accommodate future growth. If done correctly, your data storage strategy can turn an expenditure into an asset that becomes a competitive advantage.

WebHouse is aligned with leaders in the data storage industry, providing storage architecture, optimization, and data protection solutions. We are particularly adept at designing data storage solutions that leverage data reduction and optimal placement technologies that make data storage more efficient and cost-effective. Our engineers and consultants work with you to design and implement enterprise data storage solutions that protect and provide access to business-critical data.


WebHouse IT Services is a leading technology solutions provider in the greater New York City area and has served this region for 20+ years. Through this experience, we have refined our offerings, and today focus on areas that are instrumental in developing leading-edge solutions for tomorrow’s business challenges. Collectively, these focus areas integrate and become what we call “The WebHouse Solution Suite”. WebHouse delivers the most value to organizations when we are involved at the onset of a project for a point solution or focus area, or when we are involved holistically in all of our focus areas within an organization.

WebHouse provides value to organizations in each of the following areas individually or holistically: Unified Networks, Servers, Storage, Infrastructure Services, Virtualization, Data Protection & Availability, Security, Migration, and Consulting Services.

While maintaining deep skills in these specific areas of expertise, the structure and processes of the organization ensures an integrated, comprehensive approach to a firm’s business challenges.

Cloud Services

In today’s IT Infrastructure Environments, and the ever increasing volumes of internal and external data from a growing network of disparate sources, the notion of perfect security is a thing of the past. External threats to systems and data can impede business operations, limit productivity, compromise valuable assets and damage your business’ reputation. The ability to identify vulnerabilities in the most complex IT environments and, more importantly, to act quickly to address and correct them, is a vital component of ensuring that a company’s data and critical assets is kept secure and confidential.

When it comes to IT and physical security, the cost of doing nothing — or not enough — far outweighs the cost of implementing a strong security strategy. It is not uncommon for a single security breach to cost an organization thousands, even millions, of dollars in damages — not to mention negative publicity and the impact it can have on an organization’s reputation.


Security should not revolve around constantly responding to attacks after the fact; it should be a forethought for virtually every decision the company makes. This is why it is important that security has a seat at the executive level to research and present risks that go with each new change to the network, whether it be around mobile, social, wireless, cloud computing or anything else that may be part of the network.

While all other tech sectors are driven by reducing staff and increasing productivity, cyber-security spending is driven by cyber-crime, and the unprecedented cyber-criminal activity is generating much cyber spending. According to a 2015 analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber-security products and services are predicted to exceed $1 trillion cumulatively over the next five years, from 2017 to 2021, and more than 209,000 cyber-security jobs in the U.S. are unfilled, and postings are up 74% over the past five years. With the lack of current security positions being filled and the increase in cyber-criminal activity, the need for assistance in this sector is obvious, and our service is aimed at filling the gap.